How Thermoforming Can Transform your Brand

Brands and business owners are keen to see their business takeoff from their early stage as a startup, to being a household name. Every brand wants consumers to love and embrace the products they offer.

But how could a business achieve this goal? Though there are a variety of ways in which a business can get consumers to love and use their products, one of the basic ways is through the process of thermoforming to make their products unique.

So what is thermoforming, because I know the word might sound strange to many? Thermoforming is a plastic molding technique which turns plastic into a variety of highly usable products.

Thermoforming plays a very key role in the manufacturing industry, where businesses and brands can use it to produce unique and attractive packaging for their products. To win the hearts of consumers, your product has to standout in a competitive market place.

How does Thermoforming works?

As the process of thermoforming to manufacture packaging proceeds, machinery is used to heat thin sheets of plastics. This makes it easy to mold.

The plastics becomes easy to bend and it is formed over a mold to complement the shape, size, and needs of your product. Then it’s cooled to retain the desired shape. When it’s finally cooled, it is then trimmed to increase it’s usability.

There are two basic types of thermoforming for your packaging needs;

  1. Vacuum Forming: this process uses heat and pressure to draw plastic into an end configuration. When the plastic is heated and placed over a mold, then a vacuum is used to stretch it into its desired shape.
  2. Pressure Forming: this is similar to vacuum forming, but additional pressure is being used. This allows for the package to be created in a way that allows for greater texture and detail.

I just went through the technical aspects of thermoforming to help those who are novice to have a glimpse of how thermoforming process works. This should be of great value to those who intend to go the DIY way instead of consulting a thermoforming company. Mind you for a better quality product, consulting a thermoforming company is recommended.

One thing about thermoforming in helping businesses transform their packaging is how cost-effective and quick it is as a means of production. Another great benefit is how it can used to customize product packaging.

Most of the world-class product packaging you see in malls and online went through this same process of thermoforming. Some of the product packaging includes bakery products, blister packs, plastic trays, pharmaceutical drugs, food product packaging, clamshell packaging (for health and beauty) etc.

Some of the advantages that thermoforming offers to businesses and brands are:

  • Low tooling cost
  • The quality of molded products
  • Wide choice of paintable plastics
  • Adaptable and flexible to consumer design needs.

There are a variety of different thermoforming companies you should consider to help you transform your business by providing you with the right product packaging solutions that will give you that competitive edge ahead of your competitors.


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